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  1. If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake.

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    Part of the 'offering' of my tea website was to include a series of recipes to make simple cakes and snacks to accompany the teas Ion sale. The idea was to create a virtual tea room modelled on my experience of owning an English Tea Room in France.

    Being an English Tea Room, the plan was always to bake and sell 'English' cakes. There was no point trying to compete with the excellent patisserie available in France and I figured that a French person interested enough in English teas would welcome a cake not available elsewhere. Likewise an expat Brit might yearn for a scone or a flapjack.

    French customers had heard of the scone but it was the flapjack they came to adore. Explaining that they were full of fat and probably not that good for the heart only seemed to make them sound more inviting.

    My repetoire of baked goods included bread, quiches, pasties, sausage rolls, eccles cakes, apple turnovers, Chelsea buns, American tea cake, jam tarts, chocolate orange bars, carrot cake, Victoria sandwich, Bakewell tarts, chocolate cake, mince pies, banana cake...........

    Every week I will post a recipe from my tea room collection. To begin, let's start with the scone.