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  1. Making a Fool of your customers.

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    Out for my evening walk last week I came up with a brilliant April Fool’s Day joke.

    Everyone loves an April Fool’s joke don’t they?

    The idea was to send an email to my mailing list announcing that I was renaming my business to The English Coffee Company. I could even rope in some of my friends, who are also customers, to give testimonials on why coffee was the new black, with tea being a boring old relic. Down with tea, forward with coffee!

     For full effect, I could even update the branding on my website and all my social media as I announce this stunning change of heart. Then come midday do the grand reveal that it was an April Fool, with my customers demonstrating their relief and mirth by ordering lots of tea.

    What a hoot!

    But hang on a minute. My mailing list has a respectable open rate. I don’t send emails to my customers every five minutes and I hope that my Teamails, as they are called, are interesting. I think this is the reason for a respectable such a good open rate; I get relatively few unsubscribes too. Would my Teamail readers really appreciate this?

    I have an international customer base. Does April Fool’s Day travel well? For many of my customers English is not their first language. Would they take my email literally? Would I be announcing to a significant part of my customer base that I was no longer in the tea business?  

    I’m not the only one who may be inclined to send such an email. A good example of this is Black Friday. Many companies hit their mailing lists seemingly oblivious to the fact that tens to hundreds of other companies are doing the same. You may have crafted the perfect email but there’s a good chance it is lost among the noise of all those other perfectly crafted emails clogging up your customer’s inbox. As you may have gathered I don’t do Black Friday. 

    I’m in the tea business not the jokes business. My personal view is that many April Fool’s Day jokes are the equivalent of the middle-aged man at work who insists on wearing a cartoon character tie.

    And last but not least, I am proud of the quality of teas I sell and I am passionate about learning about tea and passing my knowledge on to my customers. Why would I want to trash that for the sake of joke?

    I put aside any notion of an April Fool’s joke and enjoyed the rest of my walk.