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Delivery charges continued

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Back to my favourite topic of delivery charges. This is something that I seem to wrestle with more than anything else.

In short, you don't like paying them and I don't like charging them. Alas the delivery companies who bring my tea to you insist on being paid for doing so.

At the time of writing the Royal Mail charge me £2.80 for to send a small parcel weighing up to 2kg, second class.

I charge you £3, which includes the postage, the cost of the box (yes my box supplier insists on being paid too), a label and the cost of dropping off the parcel at the post office. In total this comes to more than £3.

You don't pay for filler in the box because I don't pay for it. I receive it free of charge from a local factory who give it to me rather than throwing it out.

Until today I was charging either £3 no matter how big the order, even offering free delivery on orders over £30. Unfortunately this often meant the postage costs left very little left over for me. As much as I enjoy sending tea to my customers I need paying too, so I've revised the charges.

I'm keeping the charge at £3 but only for orders up to 2KG in weight. Above this the charge will be £5.80, no matter how big the order.

For my local customers in Thornbury BS35 1 and BS35 2 post code areas, delivery will continue to be free and for a limited period, new customers can get free delivery on their first order.

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