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After a decent cup of tea? 

You're looking for something a bit different to PG Tips or Tetley's?

You prefer loose tea but notice it is becoming more difficult to find?

You want a decent brew but don't feel the need to be a tea expert?

You would rather spend your money on the tea not fancy packaging?

You live abroad and despair at the rubbish on sale in your local shops?

The English Tea Company is here for you!



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There are no stamps to collect or forms to fill in. All personal customers are automatically enrolled once they have spent £100 on teas through our website (not including post and packing).

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Can't see the tea you wanted?

We stock the teas that have proved to be the most popular with our customers over the past 7 years, however if you can't find the tea you are looking for please tell us.

We can source over 200 different types of tea and tisanes including white tea and oolong tea.

Drop us a line and we will do our best to get it for you.

More tea for your money

When looking at other tea sites look carefully at how much tea you are getting for your money. Many sell their tea in 100g units.

Apart from our white tea and taster packs we sell our tea in 125g units. When comparing prices remember that The English Tea Company gives you 25% more tea per packet.

Our prices compare favourably with the big brands such as Twinings and Whittards.

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What's with all the French?

Back in 2006 I set up an English Tea Room in the small inland port town of Pontrieux in Brittany.

It was the first authentic English Tea Room in the area, serving quality English Teas, traditional homemade British cakes and sandwiches made with freshly made bread.

Le Pontrieux cakes

After returning to the UK, I'm still passionate about offering my French customers a proper cup of English tea.

Many of the French web-based tea companies reek of the equivalent of the wine snob - with high prices to match. None of that nonsense here!

Do you have to be French to enjoy your teas?

Of course not! And you don't have to live in France either!

Most of our customers live in the UK, although many are British people living abroad who really miss a cup of proper English tea.

Also when living abroad, a small packet of English tea is an ideal gift to break the ice with your neighbours or your child's teacher.

Our UK English tea customers get free UK delivery on orders of £30 or more! 

Offering some authenticity and simplicity The English Tea Company is here for those who'd rather spend their time enjoying a cup of tea than reading about it.

Why don't you sell Tetley's or Twinings tea?

When I set up the tea room in France, the intention was always to offer customers a high quality English tea. UK branded teas on sale in France and the rest of Europe are unlikely to be the same tea blend that is on sale in the UK.

For a French customer this gives a misleading impression as to what constitutes an English tea. For British customers it would have meant disappointment that they were not getting what they expected.

It took some effort, but I eventually found an independent UK tea merchant who not only provides great teas, but is really great to deal with.

There is no shortage of places where you can buy familiar branded or supermarket tea so instead I can focus on those who appreciate a really good cup of English tea, wherever you may be. 


Our standard UK delivery is only £4 per order.
Free delivery on orders of £30 or more.

We ship to most countries with customers in France, Italy, Sweden and the USA.
For delivery times and international rates  see our delivery information page.