Tea Caddies - The home of quality English Tea!

Storing your tea in a traditional tin caddy ensures your tea is kept in peak condition, free from moisture and odours.

For flavoured teas such as Earl Grey it is essential that once opened they are stored in an airtight container to avoid flavour loss due to evaporation.

Our tin tea caddies are decorated with the iconic 'Black Jap' design and come with a hinged lid.

They come in two sizes:

Small: Suitable for 125g of loose tea* or 20 tea bags

Large: Suitable for 250g of loose tea* or 50 tea bags

*The exact quanity of tea held will depend on the size of the leaf.

The prices shown are if just tea caddies are ordered. Where caddies are ordered with tea the price is reduced by £1 per caddy.

If you wish to order a caddy with tea, choose your tea first, then select a caddy as a product option.