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What is green tea?

Green tea comes from exactly the same plant as black tea -Camellia sinensis. The difference in colour and taste is due to minimising the oxidation of the tea leaves, this is done by steaming the leaves then drying them just after rolling.

What are the health benefits of green tea?

Green tea is purported bring many health benefits, I could list them here to encourage you to buy green tea, alas there is little clinical evidence to support these claims. When you next see an article making a health claim for green tea keep an eye out for the weasel word 'suggest' which invariably crops up in the article.

Is green tea better for you than black tea?

People assume green tea is better for you than black tea because it contains a higher number of antioxidants. In fact both green and black tea contain similar quantities of antioxidants. Furthermore the flavonoids and catechins found in tea have no proven effect on the human body.

For further reading on the claims made about tea you may in interested in this scientific opinion commissioned by the European Food Safety Authority In 2011.

Why drink green tea?

Forget the pseudo science, the main reason why you should drink tea is because you like the taste, colour and aroma.

If you are one of those green tea drinkers who hate green tea but are sold on the health benefits, why not make the switch back to the black and be happy?


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