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It's time for the summer holiday!

You have been looking forward to it all year. A well deserved week by the pool, a camping holiday in France, or a bit of culture on a city tour.

You made it to the airport in time, no one has forgotten their passport and you have enough sun cream for a mission to Mars. Time for nice cuppa - except you have been served a cup of the local dishwater. Somebody forgot to pack some tea bags!

And it's no use popping down the shops. The packs may have pictures of Big Ben on them, but that's fooling no-one.

Don't slum it on holiday with inferior tea, remember to pack some before you go.

Our new travel packs give you 15 of our 2 cup tea bags in a handly resealable pouch for only £1. And because they fit through the letter box, the UK postage for each pack is only £1 too.